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03-11-2004, 03:07 AM
Planning to buy one I'd like to know if anybody has bought one? What you think of it's performances.

03-11-2004, 11:26 AM
Planning to buy one I'd like to know if anybody has bought one? What you think of it's performances.
Stereophonicfan; I wish I could have given you a more specific report on this receiver that what I wrote below. Recently, somebody asked the same question so I copied and pasted my recent answer below.

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Posts: 107 Lord Nikon;ThreeDhomer; My brother recently bought the Marantz 5400. It replaced a Yamaha 2095 which he just sold on Ebay. His speaker system for some time has been two NHT Super Twos and Three NHT Superones. He is very satisfied with the Marantz. I have not been able to really evaluate this receiver the way I like to because his speaker system set-up particulaly the rears face the front rather than being off the side of the listener. So IMHO, both receivers could not create the soundfield I could make a judgement on. When he first got the Marantz, he ended up changing speaker cables on this unit; there was something about the sound that just was not right. The change of cables helped to some degree. Powerwise, I thought the 2095 floored the Marantz. I also felt the 2095 had purer sound quality than the Marantz. I felt the Marantz could not push the NHT system like the Yamaha could. Many times, I would be off to the side of his room listening from another room. You would be surprised what you could or could not hear in this manner. In that realm the Yamaha sounded better to me. The Marantz does have alot of accruements with three types of matrix type decoding systems(DPL-2, DTS NEO and CS-2 with trubass). I know these matrix circuits were giving separation in the rear but again I could not tell just how well they worked. It appeared to me that I liked the DPL-2 Cinema. Both receivers were set to LARGE because the speaker systems he has featured 6 l/2 inch woofers plus the Super Twos had bottom firing 6 l/2 inch subs. The Yamaha featured a bass boost that worked superbly well for this NHT system giving great subwoofer effect bass which Yamaha claimed that this was what that feature was for and they were right. I felt the Marantz was not for this NHT system. The Marantz may be better for a satellite sub system; if I had one, that is the only way I would use it. I would recommend if at all possible to get a demonstration of the units that you are looking into. If not, try to get a 30 day money back gurantee. I have no experience with the HK models. The 5400 appeared to be built well. Good luck.