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08-31-2008, 01:43 AM

firstly, i LOVE b&w, the 683 is an immense speaker. so effortless. it just shrugs off challanges as if they were not there. magic.

i found a few useful things out from my auditioning that might help a few people. firstly, the rs6's that i had previosly tested with a marantz amp did no favours to my ears on a denon av reciever (my personal choice of weapon) they sounded very fragmented and stuggled to keep up with the bass on a lot of recordings. on the marantz amp they sounded great. so i would recommend these speakers to anyone going down the nad, arcam and marantz route. but not denon.

the b&w 684's for the same price kicked the rs6's into oblivion. THESE are the speakers to use with a denon av reciever. hard amp with soft speakers, the perfect pairing.

but, oh lucky day, the shop i was i was offloading some ex-display 683's and 684's for 500 pounds a set. same price. needless to say the 683's got dragged into the demo room as fast as they could be carried and these speakers kicked ass!

the 684's were a touch brighter and lighter than the 683's but the muscle that the 683's put across was truly gut-wrenching. hence, i eventually left the demo room in a daze and placed my plastic on the counter.

and, west ham beat blackburn 4-1 :)