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08-22-2008, 05:36 PM
I'm really out of it. I used to be hip to this stuff back in the 60's but I haven't bought stereo hardware since 1992. SITUATION: I have a set of 8" 2 way L3's purchased in 1992. I just bought a pair of 6" 2 way S26's. I plan to use the subwolfer from my Roland electric drums. Two 10" speakers, powered 100 amps, designed to take on my double base drum. I'm using Yanni to help because of the wide range of highs and lows. I personally don't groove on to his product, I prefer garage bands like the MC5, Stooges, UP, SRC you get my drift. Anyway, the S26 speakers make the snare drum sharp and the cymbals crisp, more than the 8" L3's but the L3's have a fuller sound, more robust. Should I go with the smaller S26's with a sub or stick with the L3's. Can anyone tell me what the "rule of thumb" is when using a sub? High range mains or soften it up with the L3"s. Thanks, 2old2kno lakeluvers1@yahoo.com

08-23-2008, 09:06 PM
Perhaps good additional information would be which one sounds more pleasing to you...which one you'd rather listen to. I love the JBL S series, but a large part of that is what a bargain they were. Is the L3 more enjoyable to listen to?

08-26-2008, 09:47 PM
I have a pair of S26 and a pair of L3. IMO the L3 is the better all around speaker, but the Ti tweeter in the S26 is probably sounding better for a couple of reasons. First, it's a newer design and, second, it's newer. (No, I didn't say the same thing twice.)

The newer, smooth dome design tweeter in the S26 is one of the best JBL ever installed. It was actually manufactured by Audax of France after Harman International brought it into the family. The tweeter in the L3 is a JBL 035TiA, which used an older manufacturing technique that created ridges in the dome.

Additionally, the L3's tweeter is getting on in years. There's a dampening pad underneath the dome that tends to get gooey as it ages and it dims the tweeter's response. Age does take its toll. The TM025 in the S26 is free from such ravages at its relatively young age and it has a pad-free design.

Ideally the L3 would take the S26's Ti tweeter and you'd have the best of both worlds, but alas they are not interchangeable for many, many reasons and the end result would be an abomination.

So, it comes down to personal choice. Which pleases you more?