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08-22-2008, 04:08 PM
Hi all
I am considering new speakers. I listen 75% music, 25% movies. I will build a surround system eventually but am going to start with the two mains.
I've been using ads L400's w/ a sub. I want to get bigger floor type speakers.
I heard the Axiom 60's at a buddy's house and thought they sounded very smooth and detailed. Any thoughts on these or something else around the $900 price?
I listen to mostly rock and jazz, a little classical.
Someone suggested Vandersteen 1c but after reading the last guys post, let's not go there.
Any advice is appreciated.

08-22-2008, 09:17 PM
I would forget the Bose 901's as mentioned in your other thread. I owned the original 901's in the early 70's. A huge mistake for many reasons (subject for another post).

You will find many here disagree but I think a bookshelf/sub combo to start with will give you many advantages and save you lots of money in the long run with better performance. I feel those that prefer towers simply have never properly set up a main/sub system. It does in fact take some care for the best blend. The results IMO are superior.

By big objection to floor standing speakers is their limited bass extension for HT and even lots of music. The M60's might be flat to about 45-50Hz. You will definitely need a sub for almost all movies and some music. I also like having the bass from 80Hz and down or so (probably the frequency that you would cross the mains over to the sub) in a sub instead of two towers. Usually you are limited to placing the towers in a very limited selection of places. This can cause major problems with standing waves and room problems that you cannot solve by moving the towers. However, with the sub you usually have a number of placement options (near or at the front of your room) to help solve these common bass irregularites. The bookshelves on stands (add $100-$200 for stands) will usually be somewhat more flexible for placement. I usually find that the smaller enclosure from the same brand tends to offer better neutral voicing and less enclosure reflective issues. Perhaps the only negative factor might be an ever so slightly lower sound output and power handling with the bookshelf models, especially if you want maximum volume.

I happen to own the Axiom Audio M2's in my condo. I am very impressed with Axiom including their floor models. I would suggest you consider the M3's ($330/pr versus $990/pr for the M60's. I would add a great value in a sub from Outlaw Audio, like the LFM-1 EX for $599 for a total without stands of $929. Another great choice would be the HSU VTF-3 MK3 for $699 for a total of $1029. I own the older LFM-1 Plus and it is beautiful in the room with its satin black finish with an inlaid black gloss plexiglass top. My wife thinks it looks gorgeous (I got big "get lucky" points for way it fits into our decor).

Later you could get a VP100 for the center (or even better a third M3's for the center if it fits in with its verticle enclosure...three identical speakers across the front is perfect). The Axiom QS series surround speakers are superb!

If you go with the M60's and a VP150 for the center you would pay about $650 more than my suggestion above but have a little increase in total volume output. Just an alternative idea to save you some bucks and perhaps have cleaner overall sound.

RR6 :D

09-15-2008, 05:46 PM
You should definitely go and audition as many speakers as you can. I happen to love my kef's and will probably stay with kef for many many years. svs makes a killer sub, if you can check them out.

I agree with roadrunner about the bookshelves, you have a lot of placement options that you normally wouldn't with floor models. I picked up my kef iQ3's for around $300, worth every penny plus...I can't wait for the day that I can move up to their next level, the xQ series...good luck and have fun