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08-12-2008, 02:58 PM
Hard to believe that we have just 25 and that forum has 86. Speakers are important for sure, but not as important as the music. Then again, we have such a lack of participation here that I suppose it's indicative of that, while there are always people posting 'Need help with speaker purchase' or whatever.

It was good to see J post again, but there a bunch of more 'recent' regulars who are MIA; Jar, Audio Girl, Rae...and I'm probably missing several more. By recent, I mean in the last year, because I can punch up a much larger group if I go back a couple or three.

Anyway, just back from a day in a training class and checking out the latest new threads...of which there are few. Heck, I found more recent insults from Bobsticks than I did recent threads.

Swish - I'm just sayin'

08-12-2008, 04:59 PM
....and this is your addled way of increasing the new thread count?

On a serious note, I suspect some of it may have to do with a lack of exciting new releases in the indie genre...and since it's hard to strike up a convo 'bout any other genre 'round these parts it can be so sloooowww.

But don't worry Pony Boy, I got watchu need. I'ma go down south to "Off Topic" and flog T around about immigration and then come back and talk at my party peeps...