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08-07-2008, 08:07 PM
So after coming up on some infinity speakers, my local thrift shop had this "Synthesizing Reciever". I need one to operate my speakers so I picked it up. It works and has a built in tuner (good for space-sake). They hit me $30.00 but I can't even google any decent information on it. Any help? Is it worth the cash or should I hold out?

I only have until Aug 14 to return them so ANY/EVERYTHING constructive is welcome


***I wasn't sure if this fell under "Amps"

08-08-2008, 02:16 AM
I would consider JVC to be less than top-notch when it comes to recievers and the term "Synthesizing Reciever" to be nothing more than a marketing term. I have got almost all of 2-channel gear via thrifts and $30 is about the standard rate that GW or SA will put on any reciever that works.

The real question is for you to answer. Do you like how it sounds with your speakers? If the answer to that is yes then be comfortable in the knowledge that you did not neccessarily overpay for the JVC. If you do some research here you could become a little more knowledgable and when/if you come across another $25-$30 reciever you will know if it is a unit you might want to take home.

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