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03-09-2004, 03:45 PM
I listen to lots and lots of music but have not gotten into getting good equipment until this week. So, this week I pikced up a pair of b&w 7nt's in an out of box special for 1400 bucks which i understand is a fair price. The difference between them and the old American Acoustic speakers i was running is incredible. I want to listen to each of my cd's again (i've got 2k or so) the hear what i was missing (and will in time).

The thing is this, as good as the new speakers sound with my system at home compared to the old ones they don't seem to sound nearly as good as they did in the store. I have read reviews here on these speakers and most say that a good reviever/amp is necessary for them. I dont think i have that. I am running a Pioneer vsx-3300 which my wife brought into the marriage 7 years ago. I dont know anything about this reciever but that it was fairly inexpensive and its plenty loud.

So i am in the market for a new reciever. Any thoughts on what would sound really good with a pair of b&w 7nts?

I will use it primarily for music but in the next few years i want to add 3 speakers to set up a theater setting. Even then though, my primary focus will be on music rather than movies.

I would like to get the best value for my purchase. At one point i thought i could spend 500 bucks on a solid reciever to get great sound out of these speakers, but understand after a bit of research that it could cost much more. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am cross posting this in the general section. Thanks Much!