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06-27-2008, 10:36 PM
Ok, so I recently upgraded my receiver to a Harman Kardon AVR 235 and the only subs I have are passive subs, so I'm looking at buy a new cheap subwoofer.
I am a college student and this will be going in to my dorm, so I don't need anything that will blow people away, just something that sounds good...although blowing people away is a fun plus for college :)

I'm looking to spend less that $160 on a sub, but I wanna get the best one out of the rice range (although I would prefer to play less). I've done a bit of research already and here's what I came up with.

Infinity HTS-10 (BU-80) – $110 (Craigslist)
8”, 75 watts, 45 - 150 Hz.
3-4 years of use, but still in good condition
Comes with front, center and rear speakers as well.

Sony SA-W2500 - $84.95 (B&H)
10”, 100 watts, 28-200 Hz

Onkyo SKW-204 - $99.00 (B&H)
10”, 230 watts, 50-200Hz

Sony SA-W3000 - $134.95 (B&H)
12”, 200 watts, 20-200Hz

Velodyne VX-10 - $144.95 (B&H)
10”, 150 watts, 36-120 Hz

Velodyne VRP-1000 - $94.96 (circuit city)
10”, 170 watts, 35-140 Hz

If anyone has any advice for me, please tell me, as I need some help. Thanks you so much!

The infinity sub is kind of deal cause it come with some nice front, center, and rear speakers as well, although I am not in the market for them, they would probably be an upgrade from what I currently have (some sony bookshelves and some LG's from a home theater in a box). The have a lot of use in them though which makes me skeptical cause I'm worried about the sub blowing, and I won't have the extra money to replace it

06-28-2008, 03:45 PM
Well, at first I was going to recommend this:

However, after I took a close look at your list I saw an extra super buy. The two best subs on your list are the two Velodynes ( a great sub company). You actually came up with a list of some good bargains.

The Velodyne VRP-1000 is an AMAZING buy at $95. It sells at OneCall for $260! The VX-10 seems quite similar.

For $95 I would jump on that VRP-1000 in a heartbeat. You will just not find a deal as good as that, period! That is a really decent sub even for $250. The Athena goes deeper but $50 buys a lot of brew!

RR6 :D

06-28-2008, 10:55 PM
I ended up lucking out even more than I thought I would. I asked my rich friend's dad if they had any extra subwoofers around, and since he just upgraded to a klipsch sub, he had an extra JBL 150 watt 10" sub. He gave it to me for free. Kinda hard to beat that deal, especially since I already know the thing sounds awesome when it hooked up to his old system.
I'm quite happy now, but thanks for the advise. If it haden't happened I was leaning twords the velodyne VRP-1000 anyways...the deal is almost to good to pass up (from how good I hear it is for the price)