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06-24-2008, 12:26 PM
so I recently recieved stereo integrated amplifier DA-U106,AM/FM stereo quartz synthesiezer tuner DA-F76,stereo graphic equalizer DA-G156L and two SS-106 speaker towers from an elderly fellow for cleaning out his basement. Everything was nicely packaged and he gave it all to me for free and I gotta say I love it. It sounds great, the bass and volume is amazing and truly its all like new.I was actually thinking of selling it all but i changed my mind because it sounds amazing.I was just wondering if any one has some info on this system because I'm not really sure if its vintage or not. Well i dont really know much about it so i was hoping someone could inform me a little or point me in the right direction. Also if anyone knows where i could purchase the cd player for this series i know i saw it on ebay once but i missed my chance to buy it. i would appreciate thoughts and comments, thanks

07-05-2008, 05:50 PM
Can't speak to the "vintageness" of your question, but if you like the sound I wouldn't sell it unless I needed the cash. My experience is that somewhere along the line, even if its not a "botique" system, there may come a time you can use it in a garage, a basement, an office or study, or someplace. Luckily for you, your cost in the system is your sweat equity, so you can't lose either way you go. IMHO, most times its always harder to flip electronic stuff w/o taking a beating: high cost, low selling price. That's why I keep most of mine.