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06-19-2008, 09:37 AM
So i picked up a Panasonic SA-HE70 Receiver and im lookin to pick up some new speakers for it, for the surround sound. I think im doing the 2 front channels floorstanding, then the rear and center channel, just some smaller shelf speakers. I found someone who got a bunch of speakers but has 3 choices for me for about $120. All have been reformed and i dunno which one would be a better choice so im asking here for some comments since i cant find to many reviews on the speakers. The options are Onkyo Speakers, Boston Acoustics A-100, and Advent 1's. I also have info on the Onkyo's but thats all for right now.

Onkyo Speakers
Both speakers incorporate the use of a 1 1/2" supertweeter, a 2 1/4" tweeter, a 4 1/2" midrange driver, and a 12" polywoofer. Both of the 12" woofers have been professionally refoamed and are ready for many more years of music reproduction. 150 watts Music Power Handling capacity; Frequency response: 32hz-22kHz, SPL at 1W/1M = 92db; Impedance 8 ohm, These speakers have automatic Thermal overlaos protection.

Well anyone who has experience with these different speakers could give me some insight on quality and such id greatly appreciate it!:12:

EDIT, i also had a choice of some Kirsch 3-Way Floorstanding speakers for like $150 and a pair of Theater Logic 3-Ways that about exactly the same for $75, but i heard those are like "White Van Speakers", like those fake kinds so i dunno about those.

06-19-2008, 11:23 AM
Those vintage speakers are really, really nice but HT asks a little more than they can really give you, namely in thatthey have been out of production for quite a while. They are great for stereo but for HT, you really want at least three speakers that "play well" together.

You want to make sure that at least the front speakers are "voice/timbre matched" in their sound.

This way, the sound field from across the front three speakers will be uniform across that plane. If it's not uniform, you run the risk of some less than spectacular sound when the R/L speaker's characteristics highlight different ranges thanthe center as the scene moves from side to side, The best way to do that is to get them from the same manufacturer, and from the same line from that manufacturer. I'd suggest buying them as a matched trio.

The two surrounds aren't that critical and you can probably get along with different speakers if you're not too picky.

FWIW, in HT, the center carries the bulk of the sound. Skimping there will probably lead to a less than stellar sound.

06-19-2008, 02:27 PM
What your saying is that i sound keep looking and look for a setup that is 2 front speakers that are matched up with a center speaker? The dude im talkin to said he can hook me up with a center and the 2 rear speakers. Should i find out what would go well with one of those pairs and use that to select which pair i should get, or are you sayin that all those pairs are so old i should look into another option somewhere? And the rears [no im not picky] dont matter much what i got with? I mean yes ill be using it to watch movies in the HT sense where the surround will be critical, but mostly for music, but just encase, in your opinion, which one of those pairs would be best in just all around performance and sound? I have no experience with any of them..:4:

Mr Peabody
06-19-2008, 07:31 PM
I second what Mark has said. He is saying the center and mains should be the same brand and series. Your friend may have a center but it isn't going to match any of the speakers you are looking at. In home theater you have 5 channels that will be interacting, the speakers should be the same, I'd go as far to say get the rears the same brand as the fronts as well. Think of it like this, would you listen to two different speakers for stereo?

If you decide not to take our advice and set on one of the brands you mentioned, my choice would be the Boston's. If that receiver is one of Panny's digital rigs it is supposed to be very good, do yourself a favor and pick out some new speakers even if you have to buy a set at a time. I'm assuming you are on a tight budget since you are buying used, give a listen to entry level Paradigm or B&W.