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06-18-2008, 06:12 AM
Hey guys, I'm new here. We've got a gymnastics gym and are looking to get some speaker equipment for it. I've got a guy that used to be a DJ and said he'd sell me some of his stuff for the gym. He's offering 2x JBL TR126 and a Mackie M-1400i FR amp, for $400 - $500. Is this a decent deal?

We're not needing the highest of high end at this point in time, just upgrading the boombox that we're using at the moment. I've read some people saying that the TR126's are loud but not good. Loud could be good enough for us at this point, as most of what we need is solid bass for the kids to be able to count beats with in the music.

I'm very good with home theater style audio, but haven't had much experience with the "pro" side of audio. So I'm just looking for a little help, or a little direction on what would be best for us. Thanks a lot guys.