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06-08-2008, 01:16 PM
Hey all, I'm looking for a pair of standing speakers I can use with my computer. The room is very small, about 10x12 so they don't have to be high power. I want to spend less than $400 for the pair. I will be using them for the output of digitally generated sound with software such as FL studio and Reaktor and as an output for MIDI keyboards. It would be nice if they are of good enough quality to record the sound in open air. I know 400 bucks won't get me anything amazing I'm just looking for a decent set. You don't have to say a specific model of speaker either, I don't know much about speakers so if you could even tell me what types I should be looking at I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

06-08-2008, 01:46 PM
Here's a few


PSB Alpha B's $279pr
PSB Image 25's $369pr
Monitor Audio B2's $399pr
Monitor Audio S2's for $449pr at They list for $750 and are a good buy. I've got a pair for Monitor Audio S1's that are 3 months old that I will sell you for $300 plus shipping. I paid $399. List is $650. They have remarkable excellent bass for a small speaker but they are too small for my room 17x18 with vaulted ceiling.
NHT Classic 2's for about $450
Infinity Beta 20's $250pr

For floor standers-
PSB T-1's for $499
Infinity Primus 262's $400pr
Polk Monitor 50's or 60's
Infinity Beta 40's are onsale at for $179each. I like the Beta line for an inexpensive speaker.

06-08-2008, 07:51 PM
I might be interested in the Monitor Audio S1's you mentioned, can you give me more details? Also, could you recommend an amp for them?

06-09-2008, 03:11 PM
They S1's are made of an all wood veneer cabinet, blonde ash and have a 6.5" woofer
and has a freq response of 45hz-30khz +/- 3dB. They have gold binding posts and can handle spades and banana plugs. They are bi-wire capable. They truley have excellent bass. They are ported in the back and come with a plug so you can tune the bass. With the plug in, bass is tighter but slightly less pronounced.

You will need an amp of at least 60wpc for good sound. I'm using a vintage 1970s technics integrated thats rated conservatively at 41wpc 8ohms and they play loud and clear. My old vintage yamaha rated at a generous 40wpc had a hard time driving them loud. If your strictly into 2ch audio then I would go with the Harmon Kardon 3485 receiver at 120wpc. Its a steal at for $225. Or the onkyo TX8522 at 100wpc for about the same price. The HK is a high current amp producing 45 peak amps. These are good budget 2ch receivers.

Here's a linck to some reivews on the Monitor Audio S1's-

You can PM me if you want more info or want to talk by phone. I can send you pictures of the speakers. I have the original boxes and receipt.