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05-30-2008, 11:58 AM
I'm looking for home theater speaker packages/systems to audition that are under $900 or so. They will be paired with an Onkyo TX-SR605. The size of the room is adequate for 5.1 to a 7.1 system. My primary concern is the musicality of the speakers. One of the options I am considering is the Infinity TSS-750; however, if I go that route I would like to add a pair of Infinity Beta 10s as the fronts (Beta 20s are too large for the area) which would make it a 7.1 system. The problem would be the continuity of the front speakers with the center channel.

Another consideration is the Definitive Technology ProCinema 800. Again, I would like to maybe add a pair 1000s as the front two, turning this system into a 7.1, although the same issue arises as to whether the center channel would sound cohesive being different than the fronts. I could just go with the ProCinema 1000 but I really don't think I need that powerful of a system.

I have read good things about the KEF packages but they are far too eccentric looking for the room they will be used in (they have to be approved by the woman of the house, which is the only reason that the fronts will be monitor/satellites or very small bookshelves.) Again, my main objective is to find the most "muscial" 5.1+ system I can find. Please spare me the lectures on how "muscial" is subjective and that I need to bring all the systems home and hook each of them up to my system and see how each sounds with my equipment and position just so in my room, etc., etc. That would be an ideal situation that is neither practical nor possible; so, I am hoping that I can get some input on some systems that are largely regarded as being very musical, in so much as any HT speaker system can be. That having been said, I am not absolutely convinced that a HT speaker is my best option and am therefore completely open to any other suggestions on how to accomplish my goal of having great sound from small conservative looking speakers under $900 (perhaps a next to impossible goal?).

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

p.s. There are currently Klipsch satellites connected to the system. They are speakers that came with an inexpensive Samsung HTIB and the sub is non powered and has to be replaced. The other speakers could suffice as surround speakers, but I definitely would like something with better imaging and a better soundstage with cleaner mids for the fronts. This of course would require a new center channel as well. Help!!! :confused:

05-30-2008, 04:39 PM
If you like the infinity Beta's, go with a pair of beta 40's (or 20's) for the front and 10's for the rears and a Beta center channel. Look at the Mirage S8 or S10 subs.

You should also consider the PSB Alpha's X4 and a good sub. The PSB's are stereophile budget components of the year and you can probably find them for about 180pr. Check out