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Toasted Buns
03-08-2004, 12:36 PM
Ok I just moved into this new house and I'm all bummed out.
I own a Pioneer 509S Receiver, my speakers are Sound Dynamics. RTS 5 for the Front RTS 3 for the rear RTS 1000 for the centre and the C1 for the Centre. over all I've been really happy with the results of the system.

however I have a finished basement that is a good size, approx 11x17 I have my 55 inch JVC TV the love seat couch in perfect position, but what sucks is... With the TV the Cabinet on each side of the TV I can't put the RTS -5's beside the cabinet I need 2 more Inches to have it Flush. Right now I have them in front of the cabinet but it doesn't look right, I hate it! I'd be better off to find thinner floors or get another set of Bookshelf's to put in the Cabinet...

So what do I do?
I thought about putting the RTS 3's for the front and find a different set of speakers for the rear but will the RTS- 3's give the same sound as the 5's? I figured they would, but what makes the most sense, finding new fronts or swapping with the rears?

Any thoughts???