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05-17-2008, 07:47 PM
ive been working on a refoam project on a pair of infinity RSa speakers i bought them in really nice condition.
solid oak cabinet.
emit tweeter.
Great deal for $19.95. thing was they needed a refoam. so i ordered a set, guess what they sent me the wrong size. had to spend an extra 15 dollars plus shipping all over again. what could i do. i wanted them fixed.
and im finally just finishing up thesecond one. still using the original dust cap. so far no coil rub on the first one. second one just needs to have the dustcap glued on.
didnt want to sacrifice them for that black colored dust cap from speaker foam. wasnt sure at first if i would be able to use the original again. as the direction paper said to cut off the original dust cap. but they sent me a unmatched cap. the woofers are grey. not exactly sure what its made of. but it seems lite. and stiff. i saw a listing for this same speak in sf craigs list with stands include for 199 dollars. ill probably stack em on my subs.
anyone hear these speaks back in the day. what was it about them that gave you the conclusions about them. nope they dont have the emit-r tweeter. just the emit. and no dedicated midrange driver. both tweets seemed to work. didnt really play them just tested them. didnt think playing them with tore up surrounds will not do them justice. so i held back on using them.

edited the (now coil rub) to no coil rub. both with no coil rub. finished and dried.

05-17-2008, 11:08 PM
man, these are sweet sounding speakers. the emits are quite articulate, midrange sounds quite good even with out the dedicated midrange driver. had some reservations about that initially. OVER NOTHING! thankfully. a pretty good marriage with the vintage sansui. cant wait to try it with the vintage pioneer. the part that amuses me? their all a few years older than i am. sweet!

05-18-2008, 04:21 AM
Those speakers were in some ways too nice for their day. The EMIT tweeter was very revealing at a time when most people were listening to cassettes and cheap turntables. Now that we have cd's and most who have turntables have them set-up properly, now would be the time for those speakers. Good choice.

05-18-2008, 11:50 AM
Hi folks. i would like to clean up the cabs on these. they have solid oak on top, sides, and bottom. front and back are mdf or hdf, not sure but doesnt matter. what do i use to clean the oak with. i was thinking rubbing alcohol. but im thinking it wouldnt be nice to the wood.
I could probably get by with using rubbing alcohol on front and back but if you have better suggestions please say so.
I have some pledge spray(non aerosol) which would probably work. but are there better to be had out there?:thumbsup:

Mr Peabody
05-18-2008, 12:41 PM
I agree those are reasonably nice speakers. The woofers are a polypropolene. They do decent bass but will not take much abuse.

Use Old English on the oak. I think that's the name of that oil based polish/cleaner that has a strong odor. I wouldn't use Pledge or other polishes, those are more for the glossy type finishes. The oil cleaner is more for the more natural finish or hand rubbed.

05-18-2008, 01:12 PM
thank you mr peabody. i will definitly get that today. compared with most of the other speaks ive seen. these are in almost pristine condition. with the possible exception of the pioneer cs88a speakers. but with those the tweeter had foam surrounds. read that was too much work, i read, to fix them. there i go starting to ramble.

05-19-2008, 11:05 PM
well i polished these up yesterday. and i swear they are starting to sound much richer than before i polished them...(small whisper..dont listen to him..the foams starting to break in!)
i think the trick is in rubbing in the polish just so....yeah like that emm hmm.:p
they look much cleaner now, youd be hard pressed to think them new. the oak looks richer in color. i was thinking when i first got them. id sell them off but now im having second thoughts.. strong ones mind you. would be hard to replace them. with out spending hundereds of dollars of what i dont have,:o
reason why my avator says budget audio. finding this stuff used... yep even at thrift store(sometimes ithink im crazy. go to them 2-3 times a day. on an off chance i went to one i dont usually go to i found a pair of sansui sp 30 speaks. you guessed it vintage. cant find what year they are from though. in great to excellent condition. they have a horn tweeter 2 way and alnico all the way around. sweet, sweet treble, excellent sound stage. from the hour or two i heard them they imaged better than the paradigms and perhaps the infinity, those two are excellent speakes as well i like how i sound. so do my kids.i dont think my set up does them any justice. dont really have a proper place for them in main listening area. so shelved for now.

i swear their bass is geting lower as theyre breaking in....sweet:9:

Mr Peabody
05-20-2008, 06:59 PM
I can't blame you for hanging on to the Infinity. I'm surprised you find the SP-30's image better than the Paradigm, typically horn tweeters don't do a very good sound stage. It's true though that you can run upon some good buys in good performing vintage gear.

05-20-2008, 08:10 PM
hi there peabody. i think you would know more about the issue more than i do. what i first noticed when i connected them, is that they didnt seem to have meuch treble. as they were setup with the tweets about a foot above ears at listening position. When i stood up to get something, i stopped before i took a step as the soundstage changed trebble was clearer. more enveloping. perception suggested the recording was done live. in a not too large venue. the paradigms give the same sence just to a slightly lesser degree. BUT still gives the air of being in a club.
On the same note or a different note i never experienced how the soundstage enveloped me, the way the sansuis did. gave me the impression that i was standing right in the singers shoes. i guess that sounds wierd. this is my first foray into the horn tweeter arena. sometimes i dont know just how to describe what im hearing. a description i think would fit a certain instance is wrong some times half the time.

overall i like the paradigms better BECAUSE... they have a slightly better timbre when it comes to acoustical music. which is a plus so large there is no room in this forum to contain it :)
scratch that i like them both. i just keep going on...andon...andon dont i?

06-10-2008, 08:27 PM
finally got the photos on here. alas i couldnt get the files that shows the refoam in progress. have them saved onto PS3 but camera cant read them to resize.

the infinitys are powered with the sansui 2000x. nice sounding pair there.

i am testing the pair of sansui speaks. so you see them in front there. they are powered with sansui qrx 6500 reciever(yeah i found 2 pairs of those sp 1700s). still not sure how the final setup is going to look like. my thinking is that infinity or sansuis get stacked some how. and if not (if they dont sell) ill put them in my kids room.
hope you enjoy the pics after not having them for the longest time. ive been enamored of vintage forums at another sites which shall remain nameless.

06-11-2008, 12:20 AM
im going to use this set up for a few days. so far using both the infinity and sansui speaks in tandom sounds good. even the suis alone image well, wide sound stage. as well as a deep field.

im using this particular paper that has these little rubber nubbies on it. helps to eliminate vibration issues between the 2 speakers. works great. this stuff is...now whats the word. well it has alot of friction. when i had the little suis on there and i pushed on the sui it didnt budge. moved the infinity as much as i pushed on the sui. not sure if you can see the grain from the photo.