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05-06-2008, 05:31 PM
Hi, Ive been in desperate need of a new system for my room, it would be hooked up to my computer.

So ive been looking into the m-audio av 40 speakers, all the reviews ive read said they offer good sound quality, and are built well, but i'm afraid that with no avalible subwoofer to hook up, they will be lacking in bass. Or is there a way to hotwire a sub somewhere in there?

So i moved onto the idea of a amp, sub, and bookshelves. My budget is around $300-$400, ( i know its low), so i would need some advice on speakers sub and amp.

The option that seems most practical is to buy a computer speaker system. Ive heard good about Altec Lansing, Klipsch, M-Audio and Logitech (although i also heard their quality has been on the decline.) So i was wondering if anybody knows a good computer system that has exeptional quality, and can bump.

Thanks for any help! :D