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03-07-2004, 08:54 AM
:confused: I'm having a hard time selecting a pair of speakers. I like clean punchy bass. I currently have Athena AS-F2 setup side by side next to Klipsch Synergy SF-3. I own Adcom GFA555 power amp paired with Kenwood C2 preamp. For $600/pair, The Athena AS-F2 is a very nice sounding speaker but it doesnt even come close to the Klipsch in terms of punchy bass that I can feel. However, the Klipsch sound horrible in every other way. The highs distort at loud volumes and way too bright for my liking. In short, I like the bass of the Klipsch with the mids and highs of the Athena AS-F2. If I cannot find a speaker that satisfies my need for punchy bass, then I will most likely keep the Athena's and buy a good subwoofer. SV or Velodyne.

I have also listened to the following speakers:

Energy C5, C7, C9 - they all sound very nice, top on my list to purchase next.

Klipsch RF-35 & RF-5 - Way too bright

Axiom M80 - Havent heard, however reviews seem good.