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View Full Version : Reciever with alarm, ipod, cd, but no speakers?

04-23-2008, 04:49 PM
Alright so im about to buy a pair of Polk Audio R15 bookshelf speakers for 40 bucks.

now i have a sony mico hi-fi component system which is my moms and i have to give back, but it serves the right purpose for what i need (apart from the crappy sound).

I need an alarm, clock, radio am/fm, cd, and somehow to play my ipod on it.

Most of the recievers i have been looking at come with included speakers, since i have speakers, i dont want that. also i need the reciever to be 100 watts rms. on the tech page of that website it says they are 20-100 watts rms. is that for 1 speaker or both. if its for one speaker, 150-200 watts should be fine. both, 75+.

my price range is under 150 (maybe under 200).

do you guys know of anything that meets my needs