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04-23-2008, 10:29 AM
Hi! Been visiting the site for a while and enjoying the posts but never felt the need to weigh in on anything or post anything.

However, that has changed as I was given some very interesting equipments, almost all of it completely unused as I got it from a friend (audio apathy at its best) who was given it from a gentleman who owned an independent audio shop when there were indie stores. :p I want to know more info about the items and more info on how to enjoy them to their fullest. There's not enough unsuable information on them online. And if I couldn't use them properly, I would rather just give them back to the previous owner and let him put them back in storage!

The system I'm used to is my trusty and beloved Panasonic SC-HTS7S system which was a HTiB that panasonic put together from separates. I love it and want to maybe use these new old pieces with my old new pieces, if possible. :smile5:

Anyway, I was given a Sony TA-E1000ESD, Realistic LAB-400 (used by friend a couple times in the late 80s and early 90s and has the original Shure cartidge!) and a pair of Pioneer CS-G101WA II. The receiever still has the 'New' sticker on it! I know you guys like pics and here they are:









Comments, advice or any feedback is much, much appreciated!

04-23-2008, 06:16 PM
chuck the speakers out of the pioneer cabnets and put some diy speakers and a fancy crossover in there for some good bang for the buck 2 way setup or a garage/party speaker.

looks like that sony is just a preamp, I'd say ebay it if you don't have a stand alone amp laying around, although it may be useful as a phono preamp if your other system does not have a phono input.

I know very little about turn tables, so I can't really comment on directions you should take other than clean it up and give it a spin.

04-23-2008, 06:31 PM
It looks to be that the Sony is a preamp/processor only, as there are no speaker terminals. One good thing is that it does have the ES as in 1000ESD. Does this indicate that the unit is part of the ES range? A good sign is that it is a seperate processor, which usually indicates a higher end component, and that the processor was intended to be used with a multi-channel amplifier. So a good start. It should outperform your ht in a box with ease. Clearly it will provide much more connectivity given the connectors on the back.
You will require a seperate multi-channel amp though - preferably the matching one. This in addition to 3 pairs of interconnects (5 cables actually) and entry level cables will do fine.

As far as the speakers go - I'm not sure. I wouldn't be so quick to discard them. I've been pleasantly surprised by some of these old speakers, so I would give them a whirl. The likelyhood is that if they are not malfunctioning due to tearing in the drivers, or loose connectors in the wiring/crossover, then they should be superior to the HT in a box speakers but again I can't be sure.

The record player is well worth keeping if it is in good working order, unless of course you plan to buy a better one. Does the platter spin easily without noise? It is likely you will need a new MM cartridge, and when you have this you can enjoy listening to some records, which I find pleasurable. The Sony does have a phono stage so it will support a record player. You can but try after all. These pieces will not provide high-end performance, but who knows, could sound decent. The Sony is definitely the quality piece of the lot, but don't expect miracles.

04-24-2008, 12:14 AM
The Sony is pretty old, doesnt even have componenet or DD, just prologic.
It is made in Japan but other than a 2 channel audio only pre-amp I DONT SEE MUCH ELSE TO USE IT FOR.
The turntable is probably made by pioneer, who was OEM for a lot of realistic
stuff, not only that but I had a pioneer "snakearm" that was a twin of this one, good turntable.
The speakers? Trash em, life is too short :1: