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04-12-2008, 02:09 AM
Ok, so my sales manager at work decided to chuck his monitor which had died, i noticed hey there is a pair of speakers inside of the monitor, so i pulled them out. they have a black and red wire attached to each speaker (x2). I figured to myself that i could take these speakers wire them up to a headphone plug and run them from my phone or psp like a homemade iHome. the speakers state on the back US - 2W (guessing that means 2 watts RMS). So i wired one speaker up and tried it on my cell phone and there was barely any volume, same goes for the psp. then i tried my laptop and maxed the volume on that as well and still nothing substantial. I would like assistance with how i could nataurally increase the volume without providing a power source.

Someone at where i work stated about putting a resistor in for load or something, im at a loss cause i know nothing about wiring past the standard speaker and amp wiring. No power source would be great cause then it would be portable 100 percent. I figrued this shouldnt be to hard since there speakers are very small like maybe half inch diameter. I would like just enough power out to listen to it in say an office or at my kvm bench at work while building new computers.

if need be i could use a 5v plug i have from an old hub. assistance would be great thanks

04-17-2008, 11:46 AM
No - not a resistor.

Hook both speakers up in parallel (both reds together and both blacks together).

Note: This will be in effect a 1 ohm load to the phone or PS. It 'may' damage the amp section - so be careful. What you are doing is trying to drive a 'big' speaker with an amp designed for a very small speaker (headphone).

Really, you need powered speakers to hear them well at all. No Free Lunch (power-wise, eh?)

04-18-2008, 08:36 AM
that's because your cellphone/Ipod/... was designed for use with small headphones.

2watts is a gigantic amount of power for the amps in the cellphone/ipod.

get headphones, or a set of powered speakers. or a set of passive speakers, with a real amp.

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