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Jack in Wilmington
04-06-2008, 12:06 PM
The X-719's came in a well constructed, highly padded box. At 38 lbs each, they are not that easy to lug around. The dealer didn't have any extra speaker stands to lend me, so I'll have to go with plan B. I put a felt pad on top of my floor standing speakers to protect the top while the X-719's make their temporary home there. Hook up was a breeze thanks to my Tara Labs cables being terminated in banana plugs.

Out of the box they sounded really smooth and no sign of that edginess that sometimes occurs with new speakers. Some of that might be contributed to buying them in warmer weather. My last speakers I bought in the winter and the cold seemed to affect the speakers. The drivers took some time to break in and that led to a harshness that was not easy on the ears. Now back to the Ushers. Started them out with one of my favorite Piano Concertos, Beethoven's 1st. Followed that with one of my audition discs, Renaissance's "Scheherazade". I wanted to hear how this sounded in my audio room versus the room at the dealer. Annie's voice is my benchmark for female vocals. Then I started to pull out some vinyl. I had figured on waiting till the speakers were really broken in, but I let my excitement get the better of me. I finally had to tear myself away and grab dinner and take care of some other things. I let the speakers play while I was busy. I put the long spindle on my turntable and stacked up 10 vinyl records and ..... All right, just kidding, lol. How many of you stopped breathing.

Went back in my audio room this morning to see how everything was doing. Wife had gone to the Library, so I figured it was time to take these puppies out for spin, so to speak. Pulled out some of my jazz. Started with Foreplay's self titled first album. As the music starts to cook, I ease it out of the slow lane and apply the accelerator. The X-719's start to come alive. Now we're talking. Next a little Weather Report. Jaco's bass sounds awesome. Uh oh wife's in the doorway giving me the little less volume look. Time to put it back in the garage. But for opening weekend it was a very nice performance.

Luvin Da Blues
04-06-2008, 02:36 PM
Sounds great Jack, glad your enjoying them,Congrats.:thumbsup: And whats wrong with a record changer??:confused5: LOL