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View Full Version : I can scratch one more 'must see' from my list.

04-04-2008, 02:37 PM
I'm going to see ARE EEE Freakin' EMM!!!!!

I've been wanting to see this band for 20 years. Ever since Green came out. I always missed them when they played here. Either they sold out before I could get through the phone lines (back in the days when you actually had to phone or line-up for tickets) or there was something else going on and I couldn't make the date.

They even played a free show here in 2001 where the city closed off a major downtown intersection and set up a big stage for them. The show was three blocks from my office at the time. And I had to be out of town on business that day and rescheduling the meeting was not an option!

But I'm going this time. I ordered the hot little tickets in a HOB pre-sale.

And it gets even better...'cause we also get to see Modest Mouse, another "wanted to see" band that I always seem to miss.

Oh yeah, and Swishy's "must see" The National. I'm not a big fan but maybe seeing them live will change that.