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04-02-2008, 12:35 PM
Well I was able to listen to the PSB synchrony one speakers that my friend purchased from audiophile liquidators for $3K onsale from the usual $3.5K from this site. ( They list at $4.5K ).. I got to listen to them for 7hours straight last night. The wife and I went over there and we drank wine and Marguerita's and a little too much I might add!.

The PSB's sounded very good. The equipment used was a Marantz SA8001 CDP, Bell's Hot Rod amp with an ARC tube preamp and a Project perspective TT. We listened to all types of music, jazz, rock classical, blues, vocal, std CD's amd SACD's..

The PSB's had a very fast, lively, musical sound. The bass was suprisingly very deep, punchy without any muddiness or boom. It had a slightly foward presentation. The speakers were on the warmer side with excellent imaging and good detail in the midrange. The treble was nice and smooth but lacked some detail and resolution which is IMO was due to the Marantz 8001 SACDP. ( I had the 8001 and returned it for the CA 840c because of the better high frequency detail, I would love to bring my CDP over and see how the PSB's sound ). At no time did I find them fatiguing. Fit and finish were also excellent.

These speakers replaced my friends Triangle Towers which had better resolution, high end sound but lacked bass and was too bright for his listening area. We also auditioned the Paradigm Studio 100's and Signiture S6's and the PSB's had much better bass and a warmer sound.

At $3K these speakers were a steal and I would highly recommend them.

Luvin Da Blues
04-02-2008, 01:45 PM
The speakers were on the warmer side with excellent imaging and good detail in the midrange.

Must be a psb trait. Thanks Blacks, can't wait to audition them myself. :thumbsup:

04-02-2008, 02:11 PM
Good review.... I'm also anxious to audition the new Synchrony Series... it's been raved about so much by the American Review Mags (Stereophile, The Absolute Sound and Sound & Vision) that I feel compelled to audition a pair....