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04-02-2008, 04:29 AM
Wooten played an pretty full house at the Keswick last night. Billed only as "Victor Wooten", I had no idea what to expect. Upon seeing the stage, it was clear that there would be a full band, and there was. There was a second bass player who was awesome on his own. A keyboard player filling in for one of Victor's brothers who was touring with Steve Miller, drummer, vocalist (who I could have done without), an electric violinist from Morocco, and Victor's older brother and original teacher, Reggie.

Reggie was playing a real wild slanted X shaped guitar. Playing is not the best word. He did some things with his guitar that I have never seen. At times someone held his guitar flat and he played it like a piano. Did not catch the other players names real good so I won't attempt to butcher them.

Victor has got to be one of the top 3 bass players ever. His internal sense of music just flows out his fingers. He is also a very spiritual individual who seems to care about people and whats going on. The tickets were only $28.50 so that shows you he is not greedy like some performers these days.

In the middle of the show, Victor did a solo with echo loops for about 10-15 minutes showing everything he has from slow beautiful to slapping picking only Victor can do it chops.

Near the end of the show, Victor finds Gerald Veasley, one of Philly's own Bass greats, sitting in the first row. He talks him into getting up on stage and jamming, which they surely did. Gerald showed his stuff in a 10 minute jam session with the band.

When they came out to do the encore, Victor finds Bernie Worrell from Parliament Funkadelic fame in one of the front rows and gets him up on stage to play one funky jam with the band. Victor finally got to the last two songs for his encore playing a full 2 hours straight with no breaks other than the solos.

In August, he returns for a show with Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller.

I highly recommend that anyone who likes bass or thinks they play bass (I used to think that) goes and sees Victor Wooten some time.

Luvin Da Blues
04-02-2008, 05:42 AM
In August, he returns for a show with Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller.

Certainly a must see HyFi. Now if they could get Tal Wilkenfeld there to...

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