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03-24-2008, 04:58 PM
I am looking for a new set of bookshelf speakers for my bedroom to be driven by a Denon 2307CI. I will be using them for 2 channel music (electronic, hip, hop, jazz, rock) and for watching digital cable. I auditioned some Triangle Comete ES at a local retailer blowing out their last few pairs for $750 and loved them with a sub, no bass w/o the sub. I also just found someone local who is getting rid of a pair of Energy Veritas V2.2i along with the Veritas surrounds, V2.0i, and an energy sub for $500. The only catch is he removed the veneers from the front's and surrounds. I'm thinking I'm going to take him up on the deal just for the 2.2's and get ride of the surrounds and maayyybe the sub. Does anyone have a suggestion on this? And I guess I'm really looking for input on re-veneering speakers. Thanks.