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Jim Clark
03-18-2008, 11:47 AM
Personally I didn't realize it was even out until a music lovin' member of the gym asked me if I had it yet. How did Mick Jones form a new band and release a new record and I had absolutely no idea? Joining Mick is Tony James of Sigue Sigue Sputnik adding to my confusion over lack of buzz. After a minor amount of looking I discover that this band has been making music for a while now. Well after my first skip button on full throttle listen it wasn't too hard to figure out why there wasn't any buzz at all. I'm not saying there is any question, but if there was any question as to who was the driving force behind The Clash, Joe Strummer would receive 100% of the votes.

Kinda sad really to see a veritable legend of the Golden Age of Punk Rock reduced to this. I don't think I'm being too hard either. I actually like Big Audio Dynamite for half of their output anyway. Megatop Phoenix was my album of the year in 1989 along side of Ridgway's Mosquitos.

Punk rock wants to be rebellious and anti-establishment. While there's plenty of anger and dissent in the lyrics, it's tough to pull off anti social sentiment when you're employing elementary school rhymes. "what the ****, it takes a lot of luck, I wish I was a duck, don't step in the muck..." Seems more silly than defiant.

Maybe I'm being too hard after all. I see that allmusic gives the record 4 stars! There are moments of course. Even the direst of records often have moments. I like the pulsating techno beats with the guitar layered over the top. I've long been a proponent of music that's primarily electronic working in catchy guitar (especially acoustic guitar) hooks. Great idea that's abandoned after the first track. I don't really hear any music that's reminiscent of The Clash but more than a few tracks that would have been right at home on a BAD record (yep, that there's a pun).

Second listen went a little bit better... : ) what do I know?


03-18-2008, 02:02 PM
I have only heard a couple songs streamed online, but was very disappointed. I liked Big Audio Dynamite as well, and was predisposed to give this the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I should listen again, but yeah, I was pretty depressed hearing this.