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03-16-2008, 09:12 PM
So last night I was playing around with my subwoofer ( Part of my ARHC6 Home theater) by playing some bass mekanik tracks from my computer via SPDIF.

Accidently, i had the volume on my reciever (Pioneer VSXD711) a little too high combined with it being on "midnight loudness" mode. When the bass finally hit in the song, i immediatly turned the volume down as it was clearly too loud. After trying to slowly turn the volume back up, i realized that I was getting VERY little bass out of my woofer. I shut everything down unplugged both the reciever and the subwoofer, and set it aside for the night.

When I went to test it this morning, I was faced with the same problem. I am getting VERY minimal output from my subwoofer. If my reciever is on a high volume and my subwoofer level is up, i can hardly hear it playing. It is working somewhat as I can feel the Vibrations on the cone.

The subwoofer is self-powered and connected to the reciever via RCA sub-out cable.

thier is a fuse on the back of the subwoofer but its in-tact. I tested this by taking it out and the subwoofer will not power on. When the fuse is in, the sub powers on normally and makes a quite audible bump as it always has in the past. The sound when i turn the sub on is louder than any signal I can get out of it.

Thier is no tears on the cone and it looks fine.

Please let me know what you guys think could possibly be the problem!

03-17-2008, 07:17 AM
Well... Open it up and power the woofer by another source (a boombox with speaker outs (the TV, etc) to see if it is ok. If so - consider buying a sperate amp and powering it that way. If it only barely plays - i bet the voice coil is smoked and you just need to replace the speaker (partsexpress!).

Let us know what you find...