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03-06-2008, 07:15 AM
I get about 75 music channels of XM music with my Directv. I live in a very poor area for FM radio signals. A few months ago I finally hooked it up to one of my stereos to hear what it sounded like since there are some classical and jazz channels.

As I understand it the Directv feed uses different and better compression than the regular XM feed. I find the classical channels to have much better fidelity than any of the other channels. I usually have the XM classical or jazz going much of the day in my office at home and I find it Ok at low volumes. But it definitely is not CD or near-CD quality as they claim, but it is better than the paltry FM I can receive.

I wondered if others have had the same results or different results with XM via Directv? Cheers, Jack