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03-05-2004, 04:59 AM
Hello...I am in the process of finding replacement speakers for my 5.1 HT system. I have heard pretty good things about the Energy Take 5.2 system and have recently read some threads & reviews about the Orb Mod1/Mod2. Unfortunetly I am unable to listen to either before purchasing and was wondering if someone could give me some idea of how the two compare with regards to sound quality for HT. With regards to price, the Energy is available on Ebay for $399 (no sub) and the Orb setup I want (Mod2 for center, & 4 Mod1) is about $600 (factory direct without sub).

Also...I remember seeing another speaker company that makes a small satellite much like the Orb Mod1, but it is available in many colors, does anyone know who that is???


03-05-2004, 01:16 PM
I prefer the sound of the Orb system, but I've only heard both the Orb system and the Energy system with the matched subwoofers and have never just compared satellites. I have tried the Orb satellites without a subwoofer and they are extremely detailed, clear and neutral. Obviously, whatever subwoofer you choose will affect the performance of your system, and I assume you already have a subwoofer and aren't considering using these w/o a sub. In the end, both of these systems are going to be good performers. I give the nod to Orb b/c I think the design of the Orb system is more unique, and smaller, and I'm extremely pleased with it. As I mentioned, the Orb satellites distinguish themselves by producing crisp, clear and detailed sound. They also have superb imaging, which is very important to me. Once concern that also tilts me toward Orb is the Ebay purchase -- Do you know if the Energy warranty is valid on Ebay purchases? I have no idea how that works, but I know that a few receiver manufacturers (such as Denon) have specifically denied warranty liability for non-authorized dealer sales. I think the price of the two systems would be pretty similar if you were comparing authorized Energy dealer prices with Orb web direct prices.