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03-02-2008, 12:51 AM
hiya folks! i have two ksw 10 subs that i have connected by lfe connection. which i would like to connect by speaker level to each front channels. and im wondering. i wire one to the left channel, can both l/r connections be connected in series (behind the sub) with one stereo channel or will the reciever see the 4 ohm load of the speaker which would be reduced to 2 ohms if wired in series. id love to trie them in stereo as the lfe is in mono only which works as well as itshould. the subs are situated in front of the main speakers. back to topic. or will the reciever not see any load from the sub at all. i have an avr 146 h/k and its rated for only 8 ohm speakers. i appreciate any input :16: