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02-17-2008, 09:42 AM
First and foremost, I have a feeling I posted a very similar thread in the past, and if I did, I must apologize to members for possibly repeating myself.

OK, now that that's out of the way....

I spent $139.50 each to have the woofers in my DQ-10's completely rebuilt, not just refoamed, by Regnar. For those who don't know who Regnar is, I'll state that they're a company in New York, comprised primarily of ex-Dahlquist employees, who specialize in the repair/refurbishing of Dahlquist products. All of them are steadfast believers in the DQ-10 still being a high-end, quality loudspeaker, able to hold its own against much of anything on the market.

I had the woofers refoamed earlier by an outfit in Florida (whose initials are "S. S") and, while the woofers looked OK, they didn't peform very well, and provided noticeable distortion at very low frequencies. I called Regnar, and spent a good deal of time talking with their service manager, Joe, about the importance of a rebuild vs. a simple refoam on a driver that was over 30 years old.

Upon receiving my "repaired" woofers, Joe called me to go over in great detail, the sloppy job that had been done on them. Regnar then completely rebuilt each woofer, and sent both back to me, all within about a week. The "other" outfit took over 8 weeks to complete a simple refoam.

I had posted this information on a different website, and was all but verbally eviscerated by people who told me I was flat out nuts to spend that much money, and that a refoam was all that was ever needed. Nevertheless, the truth came out once I reinstalled the rebuilt woofers, and have to say that the job Regnar did was outstanding, and there was a noticeable improvement in the overall sound of my DQ-10;s.

So, that's my "tale." I think many of Regnar's prices are downright outrageous ($150 for each of the midrange drivers in the DQ-10, for example), but I have heard from a few people who all but swear by whatever work they'e had done on their DQ-10's by Regnar.

So, is there anyone here at AR who has experience in this respect? If so, I'd be very interested in hearing from you.

03-25-2008, 03:41 AM
I had wanted Dahlquist DQ-10s since they were new and I was just a teenager. About five years ago I bought a beautiful pair off of eBay from a local seller. They looked great but had been in storage for several years. Knowing this, I drove right from the seller to Regnar. Although expensive, the advice and service they provided was great. I spent around $1000 there [a king's ransom on my salary] but the sound is incredible - almost too good. I'll explain:

Living in a small Manhattan apartment, these speakers couldn't be more impractical. They are huge. Buying them was an impulse, something I just had to have. Now, when I realize they alone prevent me from redecorating or rearranging my living room I weaken, I consider selling them. Here begins the age old battle of good versus evil, or in my case, practical versus emotional. Here's how it goes -

Devil over left shoulder [aka - practical side]

Despite my investment of damn near $1500, I would likely not get even $1000 for them, although from what I read, it is doubtful there is better sound out there even for twice that. But damn, they are SO big and there is only one wall in my living room on which they even fit!

Angel over right shoulder [aka - less practical side]

Sometimes when I get home from a night on the town, I flip on the switches and let my DQs transport me back to my teen years of musical obsession. I move myself to the "sweet" spot and crank that music until sunrise. I play vinyl, I play CDs, I even play some MP3s. I play track after track after track. I sit there with my eyes closed and just listen. They sing to me whether I am playing ABBA, hip-hop, Grateful Dead, classic disco or blues. As long as the original source is at least decent, they bring it to life.

It's very hard to imagine that I could replace my Regnar updated DQ-10s with anything I could afford that would take up less space AND provide the amazing clarity, flexibility and overall experience these speakers provide. After the Regnar work, they positively sing to me. If you can, bite the bullet, do it - you won't look back. You'll be too tired from staying up all night playing your favorite songs.

I hope this helps....