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02-13-2008, 03:19 PM
Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum, so please play nice. :-)

I've been wanting a home system for a while. So I finally bit the bullet.

This is my system. I got it about a month ago.
Yamaha HTR-6190
2 @ Energy RC-70 for mains
2 @ Energy RC-10 for rears
1 @ Energy RC-LCR for center
1 @ Energy 10" sub

I'm not sure how this system compares out there, but having very little to compare against, I'm pleased. (I did start with a Denon receiver, and lower grade Energy speakers, but took that all back 'cause I wasn't happy, and got this.)

However, I've been told that "really" I should have got the RC-R's for the rears, and that would be a "big" improvement. I'm wondering why not just aim the RC-10's differently, if I need to?

So...should I be upgrading the rears to the RC-R's? That wouldn't be a cheap experiment. But I could keep the RC-10's for another zone, or presence speakers (is that worth it?).

I like my music. But I like my movies. The system has to remain dual purpose.

Any input would be appreciated.