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02-07-2008, 07:01 AM
Hello all, and thanks for any and all help.

I am looking to buy a powered speaker system (2 or 2.1) to listen to music. I am not an audiophile but I have a strong appreciation for (what I consider) good sound. I'm not the kind of guy that can tell a difference between compressed and uncompressed music, but I can tell when music is only compressed at 128 kbps. (My mp3's are at 192).

I am looking for the best sounding powered speakers under 400 dollars.

I don't know the correct terminology to properly describe to you experts what I am looking for, so let me say that I will be using it for all kinds of music, from classical to rock to new age. I don't like flat sound, so I am probably not looking for a monitor. On my iPod I usually use the r&b or rock setting, and in my car and on my PC I tend to use the rock setting.

For my computer I use the Harman Kardon soundsticks II, and I like the sound, although I have heard better (crisper?) sound from other speakers. I like the clear highs and punchy bass that is not overpowering. I dislike the fact that I must be positioned right in front of the speaker to hear the highs, but for use in a PC setting it works for me.

With my iPod I use the Ultimate Ears Triple.fi pro, which I find to have terrific sound. (I used to use the B&O set of earphones which were also good. Until I tried the Triple.fi).

I am looking for a set of speakers to be used in my bedroom playing music from my CD player and iPod. Size of the speakers and aesthetics are not *too* important.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

02-07-2008, 08:06 AM
Hi, Welcome to AR..

I hope you enjoy your stay...

It's kinda hard finding powered speakers, which are better than the average pc speaker, and are not 'studio monitors'.It's indeed true that these studio monitors are designed to have a flat frequency response and be completely neutral sounding, but your room is another factor.

However, since I don't know much powered speakers, Do you mind going used and getting a (vintage) integrated amp or a receiver and seperate, non powered speakers?

there are a couple of nice vintage Sansui's, Technics' and Marantzes on Ebay now, check them for integrateds or receivers

and get a pair of vintage speakers then, something like a Large advent or so, they'll probably need a refoam (the woofer surround detoriates over the years), but those are cheap and easy to do.

the advents, coupled to a good amp will outclass every possible speaker in your budget IMHO...

Keep them spinning,

02-07-2008, 10:20 PM
check out the krk rocket series, also the alesis monitors. sweetwater, musicians friend are good places to look. I have heard good things about the rockets.