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Corto Maltese
02-02-2008, 11:04 PM
Time to upgrade.
I have a pair of Tannoy CS10 (on stands). I am driving them with integrated Synthesis Nimis (1xECC83 + 2xEL84 pch, which is 15 wpch, thanks to transformers - open to discussion...). Never the less, for the money, Nimis is very good. I do not want to change the amp, but speakers are another story.
I have opportunity to get a pair of used Tannoy S8, which sensitivity is more than good for my amp.
Any experience with these? Any recommendations?
I’ve read all the reviews available on internet, found only one bad with some kind of “buzz” reported, which source was ultimately unintelligible to me.
I could get a pair for CDN $800 – cosmetically challenged, but otherwise quite good.
All comments are welcome. Thanks!
Ps.: I do like Tannoy. Guilty as charged. Than again, I loved Alnico. I don’t know much about these new ones. CS10 is not that great, but for $150.00, I should not complain…

02-04-2008, 05:31 PM

I've always liked Tannoys. My friend has a pair of the Dimensions - they sound nice indeed.

Corto Maltese
02-06-2008, 06:26 AM
Thanks for reply, O’Shag.
Dimensions are step (or few) higher than Saturns. I heard those with 12” coaxial, and they are very, very good. They want big room, and are not as sensitive as old Alnico based speakers. Sound is somewhat coloured, but I liked them a lot. They easily disappear and stage exceeds their position, having the depth that surprised me.
It may very well be that I’m idealizing a bit the old Red and Gold Monitors.
Saturns that I found are with 8” coaxial and 8” bass. I am going to hear them by the mid February, and I’ll post my findings along with the pics of the completed system.