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01-28-2008, 06:46 PM

new to the "audio junkie" forums, but have had a HT setup for some time now.

i posted something similiar to this elsewhere and would like to get some advice from this site!

current setup:
fronts - polk rm800i
center - polk cs400i
rears - polk rt10
sub - psw250

in preparation for the potential "wife acceptance" factor .... i'm doing a little research now to decide what would best replace a floor-standing system. when i pieced this system together, 6 or 7 years go, it was pretty pricey, and if i'm going to do something, i might want to do something soon to get as much back on the set as i can!!!:)

so, i've read a lot about the ORB mod1/mod2 and the Def Tech pro600. Any personal experiences with one or the other ... or both??

thanks in advance for any advice or opinions posted!!!:)