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01-24-2008, 05:14 AM
Yeah, I know I'm 30 years late. West and Laing are still together and kicking butt. Playing at the "getting more popular by the month" Sellersvile Theater holding about 600 seats and a bar. The show is not until April 20th but I am stoked. Mountain played the original Woodstock and still performing 38 years later.

Corky and the Nazz are also playing there in February.

Has anyone been to a recent Mountain / West show?

Also have tickets for Room Full of Blues for Feb 29. They have been around since 1967. I saw them at the little Chestnut Caberet in Philly way back in 78 or 79. Great foot tapping swing blues.

As of late, the new owners of the Sellersville have been booking some great shows. Plenty of geezer bands that can't sell out the Garden but still rock out and put on a good show. Frank Marino played for about 3.5 hours when I saw him last fall.

Check out the site for all the great shows you will miss not living in this area.