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01-21-2008, 01:39 PM
I own a fair bit of Classic Marantz equipment. to name a few A marantz 2285B receiver + a couple of other Marantz ?? receivers, with 940 speakers & hd-55 speakers. I also purchased a new higher end Marantz (mod. ??)surround sound receiver a couple of years ago. Here's my plan: I want to build a center channel speaker using the tweeters & midranges from a set of dismantled HD-880's, so they are a perfect match for my 940's. I have the 880 crossovers & controls & I plan to house them in an old HD 660 box that I will modify so the walnut all matches. Question 1? Can I use one set of crossovers & control buttons to power both tweeters & both mid -ranges? I want to use the 2285B to power the front 940's, the next higher amp Marantz to power the rear hd-55 & the smallest amp Marantz to power the center speaker, with the new Marantz as strictly a surround decoder. I also have a powered 13" Focal subwoofer to do the deep tones. I believe I can get a very clean sound in doing it this way. Question 2? Do you guys think I'm crazy for attempting this? Any feedback would be appreciated.