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03-02-2004, 05:30 PM
this weekend i picked up some speaker stands(fianally) they were discontinued and he had 2 pairs left. They wanted 128$ cad per pair..make a long story short we left with all 4 for $115.cad taxes in. And boy does it ever make a difference in the sound and well as the way the whole system looks. On top of that I bi-wired the fronts just tonight, not sure if makes a difference, I just found it tough combining 2 14 gauge cables together and inserting them in the connector. I think I may need to either buy nanaplugs for one set en under the plastic cap the other, I only have 1connector for A/B...which sucks....next step is new receiver.... Ill keep you posted on what I think of Biwiring....so far I find the sound a tad more full not sure if its what I hear or what I was told to listen for and think its what I hear...