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01-05-2008, 08:24 PM
I'm planning a small home theater installation. I've got a Sony LCD that I'm currently driving directly with my VerizonFios box.

If I add an a/v receiver and speakers, can can I still just turn on the STB and tv and watch, or will I need to turn on the a/v receiver? The Sony will only be connected to the a/v receiver via HDMI...

I'm planning on hooking everything up via HDMI, and am considering the Denon 788 for the a/v receiver. I don't currently have any other a/v sources, although I'd expect to add a DVD player at some point, and my son does have a PS/2 hooked up to the Sony directly via component.



johnny p
01-05-2008, 09:22 PM
not sure what the Fios Box is....... what's the "STB" ? I'm sorry, but I may be more of a newbie than you! You can run the TV through the receiver/speakers, and still just turn up the volume on the t.v. and not use the receiver or speakers if that's your question.... My wife does it...... she doesn't like the encompassing sound when the baby is sleeping, etc. I have an xbox 360 connected via component to the T.V. and run a separate out to the receiver to run the sound with the surround speakers, but I could just listen with the T.V. if I choose..... I'm sure someone can help if this didn't, b/c like I said... I don't know a whole lot of anything!!!!!!
Good luck!!

Mr Peabody
01-05-2008, 11:09 PM
If you run all your connections to the receiver and then only one connection to the TV then you would have to have the receiver on. I've heard of some passing HDMI while not turned on but that feature is hard to find. In order to watch TV from the cable box without the receiver on you'd either have to run separate connections directly to the TV or run HDMI to the TV and just use a coax or optical digital for audio to the receiver. The latter is probably your best bet.

When buying your movie disc player you should get a Blu-ray unit. This will play your DVD's as well as HD Blu-ray movies. Not only will it play your DVD's but it will upconvert them to a higher resolution. Still not as good as a BR disc but better than normal.