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12-29-2007, 03:27 PM
Different manufacturers handle stretching of 4:3 programming into a widescreen picture. It is labeled "justification" or ""superwide" or various other terms, depending on the brand. Any thoughts on which ones handle this best?

My own experience seems to favor Panasonic, although my Panasonic is an older, projection widescreen; a PT-53WX53. When using the "justification" mode on a 4:3 program, the stretching at the left and right of the picture is really barely noticeable. It really is done quite well, I think.

I also have a smaller Philips LCD widescreen in the bedroom. Their term is "super-wide." The effect on that set is VERY noticeable, especially if the camera is panning a scene. It's almost a "fisheye" effect. On this set, I prefer watching 4:3 programming in "normal" mode, which masks the sides with a black bar.

I have seen a Vizio widescreen at a friend's house, and it doesn't do a very subtle job of this either.

Anyone have thoughts on other brands? (And are the newer Panasonics using the same algorithms (right word?) as they did several years ago?

Mr Peabody
12-30-2007, 07:44 AM
I forget which mode I have it set for but my Sony tube TV does the best I've seen. It's interesting too because on this set the shape of the tube is a pretty wide rectangle. My Sharp Aquos LCD does a good job as well but it's only a 26" so the effects may not be as noticeable. On my Toshiba DLP 60" I can tell the picture has been altered. I think it's more difficult to mask the stretching on a larger screen but that's just my theory. The Sony does an amazing job though.