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12-25-2007, 06:58 AM
Hosted my wife's side of the family last night, and I would guess somewhere around 30 or so showed up. Those people can eat and drink lemme tell ya. I was spinning lots of Christmas tunes, but the one that always go over great are the mixes from Jim Clark and JDaniel. Thanks again guys, for the bazillionth time.

Got to bed 'round midnight and up by 7, then off to the social hall where my family will meet to eat at noon or so today. I expect upwards of 45 to 50, so lots of ham, turkey, and potato filling (a PA Dutch staple) to be cooked and served.

Got me a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue as a gift from my current spouse, and plan to break the seal tonight when I have a chance to sit down and rest my dogs. Put on some equally tasty tunes and macramé my as<a>s into the sofa.

G Swish Daddy

12-25-2007, 07:41 AM
Sounds like quite the culinary orgy, Swishy. All that and Johnnie Blue, very nice...but be careful. Yer gettin' up there and you don't wanna be that guy that misses all the late night fun and bad behaviour cause you're crashed out on the recliner at 3:00 pm :biggrin5:

I scored a major coup by convincing the gf to host the party this year. At one point I'd entertained the idea of kitchen duties myself but, in the end, it just seemed easier to hire it out. I'm liking being absolved from all responsibilities this time around. I too will probably slip a comp or two in the player though the collection of misfits that usually shows up our events is diverse, so it'll be interesting to see what goes over.

Merry Christmas to all.

12-25-2007, 07:48 AM
Oh yeah, watch it with the "Ho Ho Ho" thing. Hadn't you heard it's been added to the ever-expanding PC list of things that some find offensive?