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03-01-2004, 06:05 PM
Hi all,

I currently have an HK AVR 520 and two IL 50's with 10" powered subs- I also have a Velo 12"

I want to get rid of my Velo since I have 2 10" subs on my IL 50's

I mostly listen to music, and have the 10"ers hooked up to the multi-out on the amp with regular interconnects, and the velo on the sub out

What is my best course of action-
Leave it alone
get new cables and run them to both 10" from the sub out w/ no Velo
Leave it alone and get new cables to replace the interconnects

2 more Q's

Does it matter if I only connect to one of the inputs since most sub cables are single RCA, or should I get cables that split into two RCA's

And finally- has anyone ever bought Tara Labs cables from eBay? Are they any good?
From my PC to my reciever, does the interconnect quality matter?

Any advice on anything involving anything I've just mentioned would be helpful--