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12-18-2007, 08:20 PM
I have had a difficult time finding reviews for either of these two CD changers. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking at the Yamaha CDC697 (New) and the Marantz CC4001 (Refurbished) 5 disc CD changers. I don't mind buying a refurbished receiver even with it being the central nervous system of an audio system, but a CD changer with all its moving parts makes me a little cautious. Including shipping, the Yamaha is going for about $200 and the refurbished Marantz for about $180. It is for my parents whom I just purchased a refurbished Marantz SR4001 reciever for. The pros and cons that I have looked at are the Yamaha is new the Marantz is refurbished, the Yamaha has CD Title/Info display (which I think they would like), I personally think the Yamaha looks better than the Marantz. On the other hand it would be easier for them if both remotes were from the same manufacturer, also, not to knock on Yamaha, I think Marantz has atleast a slightly better reputation for audio/music quality, and finally I am curious, as far as "system matching", as to whether their would be any acoustical advantages to having both components from the same manufacturer, and finally one could argue that the build of the Marantz with its aluminum face is of superior build quality to the Yamaha.

I'd love to get some feedback form anyone who owns, has auditioned, or are otherwise familiar with either of these. Thanks in advance.

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12-19-2007, 08:30 AM
During my research I have also came across another player by Yamaha that I may consider as well. I actually submitted the question below about the two directly to Yamaha and am waiting for their response:

"I am trying to determine which player, between the DVDC750 and the CDC697, should provide the highest audio quality when playing standard CD's. I have read that the DVDC750 has a CD UpSampling feature that converts standard CD's to DVD-Audio quality. Also, I am curious whether playing the CD's with your receiver set to two channel mode or set to DTS Neo: 6Music mode, makes any difference as to which of these two players would be more apt to produce better audio."

So if anyone has anything to add on the Yamaha DVDC750, I would appreciate that as well. Thanks again.

12-19-2007, 10:28 AM
As this is obviously a learning process, I have a new question regarding CD changers in general. All of the changers that I have found that offer CD upsampling (are also DVD/SACD/Universal Players) do not have a feature that allows you to set the player to randomly play tracks from the 5 discs that are loaded in the player. Only the players that are strictly CD players seem to have that feature, none of which seem to offer CD upsampling. So my question is: Does anyone know of a changer (carousel) that has both CD upsampling and the ability to randomly play tracks from all of the CDs loaded in the player? Also, how does HDMI come into play when considering these players? A big thanks to all out there who know more about this stuff than me ;)