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12-17-2007, 10:23 AM
Hello, new here and was wondering if i could get some help with my subwoofer. It's a sony model # SAWM-250, and i seem to be having a problem when im listening to music or playing a game. The sub will cut out, (sometimes kinda slowly that you can notice the bass decreasing) then after a random amount of time, the bass will slowly come back in. Ive noticed NO similar patterns to wich causes the sound to cut out, like by having music really loud or really low doesnt seem to affect it. It is connected to a amp from sony, model #STR DE-597 wich has a specific spot for the sub. It is hooked to the wii and ps3, ive tried every possible combination of sound, from mono to surround to stereo to see if there is a difference. Ive tried different cords from the sub to amp i get same effect. I cant seem to figure this out, the sub was never abused nor was the amp, but sometimes you can play a song with alot of bass, and it never reduces its bass (ever for that song) but then go to another and the bass has problems, at first it seemed more to me like a frequency problem, but i doubt it is that because the main menu on the wii gaming system loses bass from time to time as well......and you cannot change the frequency of this, so it cant be that. Any suggestions?? Let me know if you need anything else about this problem...i read somewhere that amps heat up causing the sub to cut out, but it this was the case, why does the sound come back in all the time, it never stays cut out....
Is this a woofer problem or amp??

Thanks in advance for helping, i appreciate it : )

12-17-2007, 08:38 PM
sparkB: Hard to say if the problem is in the amp or sub-woofer from your description. If I had to choose one over the other from an educated guess, I would say there's something wrong with the sub woofer. I've had to return two sub woofers myself in the recent past due to manufacturing defects.

Did you purchase both new and recently? If so, both components should be under warranty for an exchange. I would head right back to the store, explain the problem with as much detail as possible and see what they suggest. I wouldn't wait any longer. Don't live with this. Take them back !! All the best.