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Mr Peabody
12-13-2007, 09:42 PM
If you remember not long ago Best Buy made a big press announcement that they quit selling analog TV's. Technically, I guess this is correct but I was looking around to see how cheap a cheap TV would be and discovered BB is selling tube TV's with 4:3 aspect and only 480i resolution BUT..... it does have ATSC tuner. A 20" was around $149.00. "It's digital, man", he says doing his best George Carlin immitation.

I realize people need to be made aware of the change but you'd think we were having Y2K all over again. They also need to specify on the PSA that cable/sat subscribers have nothing to worry about, the change will only effect you if your reception is over the air via an antenna.

What bugs me is how the announcement was reported, "Best Buy pulled all their analog TV's off the shelf". Like it's a big deal. I realize there has to be cheap TV's and I was glad and amazed to see any that cheap but why didn't they just say, "as of this date you can buy any TV in our store and be compliant with the big change". Was this BB trying to seem important and get free publicity or did the press put their own spin on things.

12-13-2007, 10:44 PM
Just more marketing bullcrap.
Actually I have seen stuff like sanyo sdtvs and always thought they were not included in the best buy annoucement, since they will display digital media, although in SD.
Never saw a reason for these, really. With a 200 buck computer monitor with dvi
and computer speakers and a hd cable box you can watch HD for the same price.
This is what got me through while I was between sets a year back, except of course I used my system instead of computer speakers.
You must be a real cheapskate to pay 200+ for a sdtv when 26in hdtv flat panels are going for 400 bucks now (I SAW A 20IN OLEVIA for 399 six months ago):1: