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12-13-2007, 01:41 AM
hi everyone,

i have just bought a denon pma1500 amp, and im trying to decide on some speakers to set it up with. it will be going in a small room, about 8x8 foot. so far i've tried the monitor audio RS1, dynaudio audience 52, KEF iq3, JBL L830. i have ruled out the monitor audio and dynaudio out. the monitor audio seemed a bit harsh with high frequencies to me. the dynaudio was a bit too flat sounding. when switching between the KEF and dynaudio it seemed like th KEF had a more wider soundstage that filled the room, whereas the dynaudio sounded more like it was coming out of a box. the salesman did say that they werent run in yet though...

i like bass, and i wont be running a subwoofer. i considered floorstanding speakers but decided they would take up more room and it might be too much for a small room. ideally i'd love a bookshelf with a larger bass driver, for a bigger bass sound.

i'm after some other peoples opinions and suggestions before i make the final decision. at the moment im deciding between the JBL and KEF.

12-13-2007, 06:58 AM
try Totem...

12-17-2007, 02:52 AM
this is my first post in this forum
so Hello to you and the other gests who watching.
I have the IQ3 in my leaving room as rear in my HT setup
the fronts are IQ9 driven by Harman Kardon flagship avr 7300.
for a month the IQ3 were hooked as 2 channel fronts and I noticed
that they were crisp and punchy in the same time when I drove them
very loud.
however to get the full range of the audio spectrum, in a stable maner sound, they were need to be pushed from moderately
to high volume, so I were able to hear most of the subtle nuance in a
balanced tonality.
this is not the case with the IQ9 as they produce the bottom end with ease.
it depend on what kind of music you like to hear and how:
rock and loud
electronic and punchy
or relax sound with soft low end for easy going jazz and prog' folc or classic.

the pma-1500 is very capable in such room size,
and from what I heard it's a good match for KEF speakers.
personaly I prefer the third from above ( more relax sound moderately to low )
however the best advice is to hear them in action, prefer in your setup if
it's possible,if not try to ask your dealer for a period of week or two,
to maintain the possible of changing the speaker if sound wont be likable,
though I don't think that may with this combo.