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12-11-2007, 01:24 AM
Hello. It's the first time I'm getting a whole soundsystem and I don't know what to take.
The main thing I'm gonna be using them for is Music - mainly more "bassy" music.
The room I'm placing them is rather small, if that's of any matter.

I've stopped on 3 things so far. The main thing I like about those is a relatively low price range, and lots of power.

Divoom Morro-521 (http://www.divoom.com/morro-521.asp)

Divoom X3 (http://www.divoom.com/x3.asp)

Easy Touch ET-685 Decade (http://www.easy-touch.com/EN/products/computers_products/p21650/et-685_2_1_decade/)

I have zero experience in 2.1 system, or any kind of speaker-based audio so I really have no idea which brand is better, or which speakers are gonna provide a better sound quality.
They're all in about a 50$-70$ price range and are pretty much some of the best things provided at the store I got here so don't go recommending me some 1000$ speaker I haven't even heard of , please :x

Thanks in advance :)