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11-24-2007, 02:37 PM
My brother just purchased one of these and got a good price to boot. Out of the box, the unit played wonderful. We hooked up his Pioneer elite DV-37 dvd player and set it to progressive scan running it through component video. We tested PHANTOM MENACE,REVENGE OF THE SITH and TERMINATOR 2 DVDs. The color quality, sharpness and realism of the images were nearly jaw dropping in every scene of these discs. Even though I have standard analogue cable, digital transmitted stations are coming over the cable and loaded into the digital tuner that the set has. The CBS 1080i broadcast of a football game was drop dead georgeous. An ABC 720P football broadcast was not quite up to the CBS broadcast but still plenty great. Less so but still more than adequate was a football game from NBC at 1080i. Reviews on this set downed the set on its audio quality. There are a few different audio settings one can choose that modulate the sound quality. MUSIC was the best sounding the most equalized,natural and with suprisingly good bass coming from the tv speakers. Diologue was easily discerible. The SRS-T circuit gave a nice surround effect around the room. The tv has extensive menus if you want to tweak. For a $1098, you cannot beat the price for what you get. I cannot vouch for its long term quality but if it has a good life, it is far cheaper than a lot of sets out there for that size screen. Recommendedl.

big chipper
12-01-2007, 07:00 PM
Where did your brother get this set at that price?

12-02-2007, 09:59 AM
Hi Big Chipper; There is a store thoughout south florida called Brandsmart USA. They ran an ad and had that price on that model set. It was probably a black friday price running on that set for a week. I think that BestBUY may have also had that price on that set "in-store" and not necessarily on the web near that time too, however he bought at Brandsmart. This outfit does not do any internet business per say nor do they ship other than make local deliveries. They also have two stores in Atlanta Ga. So far, since my initial writing, a great tv IMHO but do not expect great shakes by standard definition 480I analog or digital broadcasts. The CBS and NBC 1080I hi-def digital broadcast IMHO look superb. I have also run 16X9 anamorphic dvds on the set thru the elite dv-37 player in progressive scan and they also look superb. Once he gets some hdmi cables in, he will purchase an upconverting dvd player and see what that does.

This Brandsmart USA store does a hell of a business, it has more people on line than any crowded food store on weekends waiting to pay for their goods. Many foreign visitors buy at this outfit as well.