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11-17-2007, 11:25 AM
Brandnewbie here. Adding two used Paradigm Titans to current pair, and am looking at Paradigm center channels. Thinking CC-170, but see I might be able to pick up a CC-370 for not too much more. Is that a match with the Titans, overkill? How about the CC-270? My receiver is a modest 100W (x 6) Panasonic SA-HE70. The room is 16' x 20', probably average for how live it is acoustically.:idea:

Now for the wire/cable. Running 35' of speaker wire to each of the coming Titans (they'll be the satellites), bought 100' of 16AWG, and am now wondering if I should have purchased 14 or 12 gauge. Given my system, whaddya think?

Oh, yeah. Second guessing myself, chapter two. I'm very happy with the Titans, but given the Atom's reputation, would I have been better off buying Atoms for satellites?

Thanks for the consideration/enlightenment.