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jonathan buckley
11-14-2007, 10:46 AM
I'm planning to buy a new system: what I have in mind is an Ayre CX-7 CD player with Ayre V-5XE and K-5XE amp/pre-amp, and Thiel CS1.6 speakers. However, a local shop advised that the Thiels - although they're a good match for the Ayres - need a lot more space around them than is available in my living room. The room is a little under 13 feet by 15 feet, and the only place that the speakers can go is by the windows, where the width of the space is just 9 feet - which means the speakers have to go close the side wall and the curtains. I should add that I listen entirely to classical music: mainly piano, plus some orchestral & vocal.

I've posted this message on the general forum, and have received a couple of good tips. As a result I'll be auditioning Audio Note AN-Js as well. Anyone have any other suggestions?

11-14-2007, 11:43 AM
I used to recommend other speakers too, but since I have my Thiel CS 2.3's I'd say that you can not go wrong with the 1.6's. They are happy with more space around them, but that rule goes for every decent speaker, so no problem there.

also, I would recommend you (again) to audition Mcintosh and Accuphase too if you can, maybe do an at home audition, both are a magnificent combo with thiel.

Keep them spinning,